Art and Architecture

The ZfP Friedrichshafen (a psychiatric clinic in Friedrichshafen, Germany) arranged a competition where the task was to create a sculpture for the forecourt/entrance area of the clinic.

The clinic itself was built in 2011 and used many raw/natural componants to build the modern state of the art building.

In dependence on the construction materials of the building itself I came up with a scultpure made out of concrete that has leaf gilding on the inside.

On the outside the structure is raw, not smooth, has air pockets and is not perfect. It could be seen as stylized person and the shape of it reminds of a protective cape.

The leaf gilding on the inside is a sharp contrast to the concrete outside. The precious material symbolizes the ‘soul’ of a person and when lit at nighttime diffuses a golden glow…


This was a collaborated effort which earned Kerstin Beck and myself 2nd place for our structure.