Diploma: Marshlands of western Austria

Being interested in nature and its wonders, I did my diploma at the School of Design in Ravensburg about the marshlands of western Austria which was published for schools in 2015.

For my diploma I was looking for a theme which would offer the whole range of design fields: photography, illustration, info graphics, typography, …

I found this within the theme ‘Marsh lands’ – as from a design perspective it is relatively un­t­ouched and therefore there is no preconceived notion about its look.

The aim of my brochure was to attract as many peoples attention as possible, in order  to draw the general public to make conscious decisions to go out and discover the marsh lands in their immediate area…

The theme Simone chose (marsh lands in western Austria) was rather unusual, yet her research, design and finished product was exceptional. [Georg Engels, Tutor]

Parts of the brochure are published within the Linotype Newsletter 06.2014 (www.linotype.com) and on www.designator.de
The brochure has been adapted and published for schools in Austria.


Find out more about the font I used for my diploma at www.typematters.de